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Trips to Japan

A Starting Point Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Depart for Japan


Day 2:

  • Arrive in Tokyo and take a city bus tour

Day 3:

  • Take the bullet train to Osaka

  • Visit Osaka Castle and Park

  • Have lunch in the Kita District

  • Explore the Dotombori area

  • Walk over the iconic Ebisu-bashi bridge

  • Visit the Hozen-ji Temple and see the moss covered Mizu-kake Fudo statue

  • See the city from the Harukas 300 Observatory

Day 4:

  • Take a day trip to Nara

  • Visit the Todaji Temple which houses the great Buddha and visit the museum

  • See Kasuga Taisha Shrine, museum, and Botanical Garden

  • Visit Nara Park where you will see tame deer roaming

Day 5:

  • Travel to Kyoto

  • Visit Kinkakuji Temple and Nijo Castle

  • Tour Kyoto Imperial Palace

Day 6:

  • Spend the day visiting Hiroshima

  • See the Atomic Bomb Dome

  • Find the hypocenter of the bombing, marked by a small marble monument on a side street

  • Walk over the Ota River

  • See the Children's Peace Monument and the Centaph

  • Visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

Day 7:

  • Depart for home

And Now for Something Completely Different

Your tour could also include taking in the hot springs and celebrating a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. Watch a kabuki theater performance or take part in a masterclass in Japanese cooking.

The world is there to experience - let us take you there!

Specialty Itineraries

We offer STEM programs tailored to your class needs. Think of a tour of the Toyota factory or study the technology behind some of the worlds fastest trains.

We offer ART programs tailored to your class needs. Art is integral in so much of Japanese culture. Have your students partake in a traditional calligraphy class or perhaps try their hand at printmaking.

Our Prices Include:

  • All admissions, taxes, fees, tips, and 24-hour on-call support

  • Round-trip airfare and all ground transportation

  • Overnight stays in a centrally located hotel

  • Breakfasts and dinners

  • Full time tour director to accompany the group

  • Guided tours

  • Price based on 25 students and 2 free chaperones

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