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Trips to Greece

A Starting Point Itinerary

Day 1:

  • Overnight flight to Greece


Day 2:

  • Arrive in Athens and take a city tour

  • Visit the Acropolis

Day 3:

  • Day trip to Historic Olympia to see first hand the archeological site of Ancient Olympia

  • Visit the Ancient Olympia Museum

  • Return to Athens

Day 4:

  • Travel to Kalambaka

  • Stop in Delphi for a tour and visit the Delphi Museum

  • Dinner a dinner of classic Greek cuisine

Day 5:

  • Tour Meteora and the Monasteries

  • After lunch return to Athens


Day 6:

  • Enjoy Athens with a trip to the Plaka and touring the area sites

Day 7:

  • Depart for home

And Now for Something Completely Different

Your tour could also include a detour to Navagio Beach with the ghostly remains of a smuggler's ship. Take a masterclass in sculpture or learn to create some of the delicious delights of famous Greek cuisine.

The world is there to experience - let us take you there!

Our Prices Include:

  • All admissions, taxes, fees, tips, and 24-hour on-call support

  • Round-trip airfare and all ground transportation in Europe

  • Overnight stays in a centrally located hotel

  • Breakfasts and dinners

  • Full time tour director to accompany the group

  • Guided tours

  • Price based on 25 students and 2 free chaperones

Specialty Itineraries

We offer STEM programs tailored to your class needs. Springboard into STEM with a visit to see  the Antikythera Mechanism - a clockwork computer found in a sunken wreck and built circa 200 BC. The ancient world has so much to teach us!

We offer ART programs tailored to your class needs. Art forms of all kinds surround in Greece. Have your students partake in a sculpting class or perhaps try their hand at pottery on the wheel!

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