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Teacher Toolkit

Carousel Student Tours, Inc. is a USA based business that offers exclusive, tailored international & domestic student trips with honest pricing and no unexpected costs. We offer General, STEM and ART focused itineraries as well as Homestay opportunities. Our goal is to help you create the experience that’s right for your school and class needs.


At Carousel Student Tours, inc. we believe in helping teachers put together the best student trips to meet their educational and student needs. That means we work with you, the teacher, from the very start all the way through until everyone is back home.

We provide:

  • Customized quotes

    • We discuss the teacher's wants and needs for a student trip including location, educational targets, experiences (wish list and must haves). 

    • We provide an initial suggestion based on our experience and your budget

    • We provide sample itineraries (based on what the teacher requests or previous trips)

    • With the teacher, we negotiate, review and finalize the itinerary until we have achieved an itinerary that works for the goals of the trip as well as within the budget target

  • Customized posters & flyers       

    • Once the trip is finalized we create customized posters to hang in schools to promote the trip and one page flyers to handout to students

  • We provide, when requested, an experienced Carousel Student Tours, Inc. representative to attend:

    • Promotional meetings with students/parents, 

    • Pre-travel meetings before departure

    • Host family meetings before group arrives

  • Enrollment brochures

  • Online applications

  • Online payments

  • Online receipt of passport information

  • Online receipt of vaccination reports

  • Travelers Health Insurance  (outbound)

  • Travelers Health Insurance  (inbound)

  • Luggage tags


Contact us today for more information and for help with your next student tour!

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